April 22, 2005

Loss for Words

Religiously, and I mean every day, (sometimes twice a day) I read the Crazy Aunt Purl blog. If you haven't yet read it. You should! She is fantasticly hilarious. Anyway, I depend on her to make me laugh out loud every night right around 9:00 (beleive me, after trying to get 3 little ones to stay tucked in bed for the night...I am ready for a good chuckle) On the other hand I can get pretty down in the mouth if she hasn't posted anything new that evening. My point (and yes, I do have one) Is that I realize (while reading her blog) that I myself, don't have all that much to say. Now, my husband and children would tell you otherwise, but really.....when I log on to my own site here.....I am always at a total loss for words. This "blogging" stuff just may not be my cup of tea. Yes, I should be talking about my current knitting project........but HEY!I am still working on that stupid sock! Two weeks here to make one lousy pair of socks. Honestly Now! See, and now I don't feel any desire to talk about it any further. Someone said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps I should post one? Ahem......that was a question................

April 14, 2005

I'm a Frogging Expert!

I went yesterday to Stitch and Bitch at Dunn Bros. and had lots of fun. I do, however, find it very difficult to knit and talk at the same time. I have never been a very good multi-tasker. I sat there for nearly two hours and came home with less of a sock than I went with. How that happened, I'll never know. I honestly thought I was getting another sock accomplished. Anyway, I learned what "frogging" means (Thanks Amy) and realized that Frogging is my knitting strength. Yep, I am the frogging gu-ru. Uh-huh.... I can always find that silver lining. While at Dunn, Meleah helped me log onto TCSnB and post this blog site. (Thanks Meleah) This group of women are just so much fun......and helpful. It is wonderful to have such a great mix of new and experienced knitters coming together every couple of weeks to stitch and bitch.

April 11, 2005

Spring break is Over!

It was a good spring break. Gorgeous weather and active kids. My DD learned to ride her bike without training wheels. Woo-hoo.....and the boys? Well thier brains have officially turned to mush from all of the game cube and x-box they played. I was able to prune back all my rose bushes and also made way for my daylillies to start coming in. Yes, mom and dad (if you're reading this) I DID yard-work! MY DH took down the X-mas lights off the trees and house. Finally!...and I did manage to start knitting a new pair of socks, although I haven't gotten very far on them. It was a fun and productive week. However, I am thrilled to have all the kids back to school this morning. Really, I am. Tomorrow my little Olivia turns 6. What a big girl! It is hard to wrap my brain around her already being six years old. In her heart, all she really wants for her birthday is a pony or a little sister. She doesn't ask for much, eh? I wonder who she gets THAT from? But,in reality, what she's gonna unwrap is "The Chocolate Factory" as seen on t.v. and The Betty Crocker bake and fill set....Did I mention as seen on t.v. too) Thanks Nickelodian! So I am off to mall of America to find these things. They'll have em. They have everything there.

April 07, 2005

Yarn Utopia

I have found heaven here on earth. My friend Amy and her son, picked up my son and I this morning, and we all took a field trip to Yarn Cafe in Maple Grove. That store is incredible!!!!! The selection is awesome.....the food was good, and the atmosphere was fun and friendly....Aaah, knitters truly are good people. Our sons learned to cast on and even knitted a few rows. I went ga-ga over the floor to ceiling cubbies of every kind of yarn imaginable. I want a job there!!!! Which really says a lot about me ......because I haven't felt the need or want to have a paying job in nearly a decade. The only negative is that Maple Grove is just too far for me to travel to on a daily basis. Blah! Anyway, It was hard, but I managed to stay in control and only left with two skeins of some very soft merino wool in gorgeous variegated blue tones and one skein of decorative yarn to match. I've never tried to felt before, but I am looking forward to starting this small handbag for which this yarn is intended. (a side note to myself here.....don't lose the labels, Lisa!) Anyway, if ever there was a yarn utopia.....I have found it!

April 06, 2005

Last Week I Knit a Lavender Scarf

No big deal. Just a lavender drop stitch scarf in lavender ribbon. I don't even know the brand as I lost the label (it's becoming an unconscious pattern of behavior) .....and as soon as I figure out how to work the digital camera, I just may take a picture and post it to myself. Did I mention that it's lavender?

Today I knit a sock

It looks awesome. Actually, it was the mate to a sock I knitted last week. Why did I knit it? I guess I just wanted to prove to myself that I could.......Oh and I must like to make myself suffer, as I ripped out the toe several times before I got it just right. No pain, no gain. Presently, they are my favorite pair and the softest wear that my little piggies have ever experienced. Anyway, I can laugh at myself and my first entry on this blog and therefore won't dare hide any existing comments. I am learning quickly just what blogging is really all about. I try to remember that "When you're green, you're growing and ...when you're ripe, you rot. In other words.....I've still gotta lot to learn.