April 14, 2005

I'm a Frogging Expert!

I went yesterday to Stitch and Bitch at Dunn Bros. and had lots of fun. I do, however, find it very difficult to knit and talk at the same time. I have never been a very good multi-tasker. I sat there for nearly two hours and came home with less of a sock than I went with. How that happened, I'll never know. I honestly thought I was getting another sock accomplished. Anyway, I learned what "frogging" means (Thanks Amy) and realized that Frogging is my knitting strength. Yep, I am the frogging gu-ru. Uh-huh.... I can always find that silver lining. While at Dunn, Meleah helped me log onto TCSnB and post this blog site. (Thanks Meleah) This group of women are just so much fun......and helpful. It is wonderful to have such a great mix of new and experienced knitters coming together every couple of weeks to stitch and bitch.


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