April 11, 2005

Spring break is Over!

It was a good spring break. Gorgeous weather and active kids. My DD learned to ride her bike without training wheels. Woo-hoo.....and the boys? Well thier brains have officially turned to mush from all of the game cube and x-box they played. I was able to prune back all my rose bushes and also made way for my daylillies to start coming in. Yes, mom and dad (if you're reading this) I DID yard-work! MY DH took down the X-mas lights off the trees and house. Finally!...and I did manage to start knitting a new pair of socks, although I haven't gotten very far on them. It was a fun and productive week. However, I am thrilled to have all the kids back to school this morning. Really, I am. Tomorrow my little Olivia turns 6. What a big girl! It is hard to wrap my brain around her already being six years old. In her heart, all she really wants for her birthday is a pony or a little sister. She doesn't ask for much, eh? I wonder who she gets THAT from? But,in reality, what she's gonna unwrap is "The Chocolate Factory" as seen on t.v. and The Betty Crocker bake and fill set....Did I mention as seen on t.v. too) Thanks Nickelodian! So I am off to mall of America to find these things. They'll have em. They have everything there.


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