April 07, 2005

Yarn Utopia

I have found heaven here on earth. My friend Amy and her son, picked up my son and I this morning, and we all took a field trip to Yarn Cafe in Maple Grove. That store is incredible!!!!! The selection is awesome.....the food was good, and the atmosphere was fun and friendly....Aaah, knitters truly are good people. Our sons learned to cast on and even knitted a few rows. I went ga-ga over the floor to ceiling cubbies of every kind of yarn imaginable. I want a job there!!!! Which really says a lot about me ......because I haven't felt the need or want to have a paying job in nearly a decade. The only negative is that Maple Grove is just too far for me to travel to on a daily basis. Blah! Anyway, It was hard, but I managed to stay in control and only left with two skeins of some very soft merino wool in gorgeous variegated blue tones and one skein of decorative yarn to match. I've never tried to felt before, but I am looking forward to starting this small handbag for which this yarn is intended. (a side note to myself here.....don't lose the labels, Lisa!) Anyway, if ever there was a yarn utopia.....I have found it!


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