April 22, 2005

Loss for Words

Religiously, and I mean every day, (sometimes twice a day) I read the Crazy Aunt Purl blog. If you haven't yet read it. You should! She is fantasticly hilarious. Anyway, I depend on her to make me laugh out loud every night right around 9:00 (beleive me, after trying to get 3 little ones to stay tucked in bed for the night...I am ready for a good chuckle) On the other hand I can get pretty down in the mouth if she hasn't posted anything new that evening. My point (and yes, I do have one) Is that I realize (while reading her blog) that I myself, don't have all that much to say. Now, my husband and children would tell you otherwise, but really.....when I log on to my own site here.....I am always at a total loss for words. This "blogging" stuff just may not be my cup of tea. Yes, I should be talking about my current knitting project........but HEY!I am still working on that stupid sock! Two weeks here to make one lousy pair of socks. Honestly Now! See, and now I don't feel any desire to talk about it any further. Someone said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps I should post one? Ahem......that was a question................


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