August 30, 2006

Told 'ya So!

This evening I did the dreaded school shoes shopping for my youngest. We did end up finding two pairs of shoes over at Von Maur after much torture. I don't really want to talk about that, though. The most important thing is, is that we did what we set out to do.

Anyway, while there, Olivia wanted to ride the escalator up, and so we did. Many times. At some point, I noticed, in the Junior's section...IZOD shirts. Ohmigod, IZOD LACOSTE shirts are back. You know, ...the polo's with the alligator on it. Or is it a crocodile? Anyway, yes, IZOD shirts have made a comeback. Too Cute. What wasn't cute was the very unfriendly sales lady who corrected me when I pointed and called them IZOD's. "They are called Lacoste shirts", she says. "Yes, maybe nowadays" was my reply. oops and then I said it...oh no no no.....I actually said these 5 little words....."But back in my day"........"They were called IZOD. Yes, I actually said those five little words....("but-back-in-my-day") Sadly, they spilled out of me so quickly and naturally that I scared myself so, and found myself quickly trying to do the math in my head as to how many years ago 1984 was, when I had to have the IZOD as part of my wardrobe. But the young sales lady didn't let up. "Uh, No." She corrects me again. "They are called Lacoste shirts. ONLY Lacoste"

Normally, I'm not one to argue, but it is now 8:39 pm. I am tired. I've been up and down the escalator like 5 times now...I've just spent the last hour wrestling my seven year olds "happy feet" into about 10 pairs of quite sensible gym shoes. (None of which she was at all happy with) and to top it off. I am due to start my period. So seriously PMS'ing here friends. It didn't help either, that this waifish 20 something year old...looking all fresh and perky is trying to correct me, ME on fashion names from the 80's! I don't think so, little one.

Anyway, we talked it out, maturely.

I told her I was right and she was wrong and that hey, nowadays, she can call that stupid little crocogator whatever the bleep she wanted to, but I was gonna continue to call it IZOD!

So I came home and googled IZOD. and now I have closure.

August 23, 2006

Past, Presents and ........well....Bowling!

Lots of celebrating going on here lately. 10 days ago was my wedding anniversary and today is my birthday. Yep, I'm like 36 (or something like that) But, Whatever!

Let's face it, It's the presents that are the most exciting part of the whole birthday celebration right? Well, yesterday...the gift receiving began early as I opened my first birthday present. I got a call early in the day, from my Local Yarn store (coughknitwitscough) informing me that there was a gift there all ready for me to pick up from my mom and dad.

I was giddy all day long, waiting for Byron to get home from work so that I could finally go and see what it could be. Is it a book? Could it be some lovely malabrigo yarn, perhaps some needles or a felting kit?

Get this!

It turned out to be a $100.00 gift card!

Holy Moley Buckets of Yarn! I can get it all. The book, the yarn, the needles.

Ah - the gift card - such a great way to say "Happy Birthday Lisa!"

So, just imagine the size of smile that put on my face. Anyway, so mom and dad (who live in Nevada) are always talking about their ever increasing senile moments. Okay, I'm sorry, but (with all due respect to the parental units) I just don't buy it. Let's see....they remember my birthday still every year since like um 1970. (or some year like that) but Whatever! They remember the name of my Local Yarn Store.....AND they remember that I'm the daughter that loves to spend frivolously. Clearly they still got it goin' on.

But what's up with those sideburns, dad?

Anyway, an awesome gift that my fellow knitter/Hooker friends can appreciate hearing about.

Speaking of hookers. I have decided to become one. (Sorry Kelle - the threats only make me want to rebel even further) So FYI mom and dad....this gift card could likewise be used to further my hookin' talents through classes. Oh, get your non-senile minds outta the gutter.....hooking? crocheting? What's the diff?

Thank You Mamma and Daddy!

Tonight, it will be dinner and bowling with Byron and the kids and then coming home for cake and ice cream and hopefully the opening of lots of presents.

Yes, there had better be presents!!!!!

August 15, 2006

Hot Stuff

Okay, so 14 years ago I had the choice of who I was gonna worship for the rest of my life. Barry Manilow, Rod Stewart, Byron Dickinson, or Limahl?





Oh c'mon you know Limahl! Um, lead singer of Kajagoogoo? Um, break away pop hit, "Too shy to shy hush hush eye to eye"? Surely that must ring some bells.

And Yes, I know what your thinking right about now. "Lisa is soooo gonna be dead when her husband Byron see's this blog post with his "80's hair" on it for all to view. But ya see, that's where you are very wrong. Byron is "cool people" and it's because of his "coolness" (not to mention spiky-ness) that I said yes, when he asked me to marry him over a decade and a half ago. ( the math.)

So.....Barry, Rod, Byron, or Limahl? Which is it gonna be? Difficult choice. Must do process of elimination.

First off, Barry. Although I love his music he is a bit goober-ish. Cross him out. Rod is already taken by my sister Andrea. (just kidding Andrea. (she hated me as a kid for endlessly torturing her for saying that she loved Rod Stewart and was gonna marry him when she grew up. Which, (for the record) she doesn't and never did! So cross Rod off the list. And Kajagoogoo? Oh my, can you GET any gayer than that? (not that there is anything wrong with that) but....Buh-bye Kaja. Naturally, I've narrowed my choice down to Byron.

Oh, but I had other options too of course.....I needed to compare 80's cool guy Byron to the other ultra 80's cool guy... Mr. "Original Miami Vice himself" Mr. Don Johnson.


Yup I gotta go with Byron on this one again. He is just exuding "coolness"
everwhere in this pic.

But the biggest test of all...
Could he measure up to "Teen Beat" heart throb Shawn Cassidy?

You Bet'cha he does!

Okay now your turn to guess. Who's who?

And so, that's the story on how I came to my decision on who to marry and grow old with.

His name is B.yron A.xel D.ickinson.

He's Cool and quiet. He's the Pretty boy next door type with an obvious wild side. (see hair pic above) He has a double peirced left ear. (ahem, no pic available at this time)

He's Suave and debonaire.

That's my guy.
Hot Stuff

And speaking of "hot stuff"
Wanna see what his choices in a wife were?

Yup, it was between.....

Donna Summers



Lou Diamond Philips

I think we both made the wisest of choices. Whadd'ya think?
Happy 14th Anniversary Byron. I love you!

August 12, 2006

Kit's Knit Wear

Hi. Meet Kit.
Kit is Olivia's American Girl Doll (but shhhh don't call her a doll in Olivia's presence. Olivia chooses to beleive that Kit is a "real" girl. (I know, we'll work it out in therapy, later.) Anyway, Olivia takes Kit everywhere with her. Out to dinner, where we indulge her by asking the waiter for an extra chair in our party. To the park, where Kit actually gets some large motor skill play time on the monkey bars. And of course, when we are driving in the mini-van, it is imperative that we take extra precaution that Kit be strapped down in her own booster car seat at ALL times. Because heaven forbid (and heavy emphasis on the sarcasm here) if we get in a head on collision and end up with plastic doll (ahem, I mean, plastic girl parts all over the windshield.

Minnesota state law, ya know. Click-it or Ticket.

So with Kit being such a big part of our family since April, (when Aunt Erica sent her to Olivia for her birthday. - Let me just take a moment here now to Thank You ever so much again, Aunt Erica. (why yes, there is a hint of sarcasm there too) *winks*

Long story short...... Kit needed herself a hat to keep her ears warm in the winter. (Little hard to justify while it is 90 degrees out and like 60% humidity in the air...but I digress........It's a need, not a want.

Oh, and a party dress for Kit too is a Need, because Kit just luuuuuves to go to parties.

So, here are the newest additions to Kit's knit wear. All kidding aside, I have to confess that these were really fun to knit up for Kit. Deep down inside, I just love watching Livvie "play mommy" to that cute little Brat. (I mean doll)....(I mean girl)

August 09, 2006

Scattered? Unfocused? Who me?

I took this blog quiz via my friend Connies blog. All I did was type in my birthday and this is what I got back in return.

My Life Path Number is 5

Your purpose in life is to live life freely and collect experiences.

You love life - new adventures, new people, new ideas.
You are very curious, and you crave novelty in all forms.
You tend to make friends easily, and you enjoy the company of all types of people.

In love, you are fun and even a bit intoxicating. But you won't stick around for long.

You are impulsive and spontaneous - which sometimes leads you to do things you regret.
Sometimes you can be overindulgent with food, sex, or drugs.
You have many talents, so many that you are often scattered and unfocused.