August 12, 2006

Kit's Knit Wear

Hi. Meet Kit.
Kit is Olivia's American Girl Doll (but shhhh don't call her a doll in Olivia's presence. Olivia chooses to beleive that Kit is a "real" girl. (I know, we'll work it out in therapy, later.) Anyway, Olivia takes Kit everywhere with her. Out to dinner, where we indulge her by asking the waiter for an extra chair in our party. To the park, where Kit actually gets some large motor skill play time on the monkey bars. And of course, when we are driving in the mini-van, it is imperative that we take extra precaution that Kit be strapped down in her own booster car seat at ALL times. Because heaven forbid (and heavy emphasis on the sarcasm here) if we get in a head on collision and end up with plastic doll (ahem, I mean, plastic girl parts all over the windshield.

Minnesota state law, ya know. Click-it or Ticket.

So with Kit being such a big part of our family since April, (when Aunt Erica sent her to Olivia for her birthday. - Let me just take a moment here now to Thank You ever so much again, Aunt Erica. (why yes, there is a hint of sarcasm there too) *winks*

Long story short...... Kit needed herself a hat to keep her ears warm in the winter. (Little hard to justify while it is 90 degrees out and like 60% humidity in the air...but I digress........It's a need, not a want.

Oh, and a party dress for Kit too is a Need, because Kit just luuuuuves to go to parties.

So, here are the newest additions to Kit's knit wear. All kidding aside, I have to confess that these were really fun to knit up for Kit. Deep down inside, I just love watching Livvie "play mommy" to that cute little Brat. (I mean doll)....(I mean girl)


Blogger COOLNESS said...

hello! its me again. i just read about kit! Olivia's doll (i mean friend)is just sooooooo cute! i remember the last time i visited Olivia and i picked out a really cute shirt which acted like a dress for kit! tell Olivia if she wants i can bring my American girl doll with me when i visit next time!
anyway the dress you made for kit is soooooo cool!
luv audrey (and salena even though she didnt write this!)
luv ya bye!!!!!!!!

9:45 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Hee hee. At least she's fun to knit for, right?!

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Auntie Kathy said...

Hi Lisa,(and Byron)
Happy Belated Anniversary! I just love reading your blog entries...they are quite entertaining and easy reading with the few minutes I can squeeze between work meetings. I hope Byron wasn't too embarassed with pictures from the the way, wasn't Cher one of the other possibles on his list? I recall a similar look alike shot to Donna and you.....hahaha.

keep those Blogs coming - I anxiously await the next read! Sending my love to you and the family-

4:59 PM  

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