July 23, 2006

Relay Recap

I am still tired and a bit cranky because of my one nights' sleep deprivation, but I am deliriously excited too, because My team...."The Cure-Rageous Knitters" raised in total $2,789.00 for the American Cancer Society! Whoa pony! That's success right there folks.

Let's re-cap.


A worm is NOT considered a bug. Oops, my bad. (you had to be there)

NUMBER 9. How my yarn saved my life. With help of course from Meleah's husband Troy at 6:30 a.m. It's Physics he says, that the plastics legs of my chairs will break off if I try to jam the mini-van hatchback shut with them still sticking out. So we tied the trunk down with yarn. Malabrigo to be exact. Hey, I was tired and just wanted to go home and crash.

NUMBER 8. Talking via cell phone to my best friend Laura while walking the survivor lap. She is my biggest supporter and she brought me to tears, reminding me not to minimize my cancer experience.

Realizing that being a survivor really pays off, you get lots of free stuff in your gift bag.

NUMBER 6. Feeling so proud when my husband erected our team banner that all of us worked so hard to knit a block letter for.

NUMBER 5. Watching one luminaria go up in flames on the track. And then realizing that coincidentally, it happened to be one in my honor. (boo-hoo *sniffles*) But I knew picking out our campsite next to the Eden Prairie Police and Fire Dept. would come in handy somehow. (besides, the gourney rides of course.)

Yep, that's my bag alright. Gone from "In Honor of" .......To "In Memory of" ....just like that. So So very sad.

NUMBER 4. Salsa dancing on the dance floor with Byron at Midnight. Hey, We definitely still got it!

NUMBER 3. Homemade baby diaper and frying pan for the scavenger hunt. It's true, knitters are a wild bunch of girls. Now, I've seen everything!

NUMBER 2. Walking hand in hand with Byron during the silence lap in memory of those for whom the luminarias were decorated for, and coming across one that was decorated in my honor from Jennifer Ficks son. It melted my heart completely.


Doing the "Hey Hey we're the Monkeys" walk around the track at three o'clock a.m. may seem like a great and fun idea at first. (until, of course you almost pee your pants from laughing so hard) It definitely was a "Depends" moment.

As you can tell it was a great time with friends getting together to stitch, bitch, eat and CURE-RAGEOUSLY walk for the cure of Cancer. I personally am looking forward to next year when I can do it all over again. I hope my team members feel the same, cause it wouldn't nearly be as much fun without the lot of them. Thanks to Joe and Hayley, Karen, and Beth and Katie, and all our friends and family who came out to relay with us. And to the gals who stayed all night long. Sue, Kelle, Brenda, Meleah, Christine, Ani, and Connie. Because of you, I was able to rest a lot!

And what would we have done without the donations. Thank you to all of our family, friends and neighbors who donated and so generously. I ended up decorating 127 luminarias for your loved ones and your love and support literally shone through when they were lit at the lighting ceremony. Thank you thank you thank you.

A huge hug and a thank you to Carrie over at Coldwater Collaborative for graciously and most generously donating lots of wonderful yummy yarn for door prizes to our team. Probably the biggest reason of all that most of the team stayed all night.

My friend Kelle (the knitting wizardress) couldn't have said it better than in her latest wonderful relay for life blog entry where she said

"I walk for the yarn"

No no no, oops that was me. Kelle said.......

"I walk in memory of those we have lost to cancer and I walk in celebration of those who have fought cancer and survived and I walk in hope of the complete annihilation of cancer in our lifetime. There doesn't seem to be one person that I have talked to that hasn't been or whose family hasn't been affected by cancer."

Now, How freaking poetic was that?

So start saving your pennies, cause I'll be doing it all over again next July.
I'm tired now. I'm off to bed.


Anonymous Connie said...

Hey - I missed doin' the monkey walk because I was IN THE BATHROOM! I had a great time - I got home and found the house door locked and I had no key. No one answered the phone so I slept for 1 1/2 hours in the van in the garage until Peter called my phone to find out where I was!! I had a great time - see you soon!

1:08 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

It sounds like a powerful and magical night!

2:09 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

WOW! I'm speechless.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Jennifer Weeks said...

Hey Lisa! I am SO glad that your walk went well! I wish I could have been there to support you in person. We had a 'full-on potty training Greta' weekend. She is doing pretty well with it, but we were literally inside all weekend long! :o) Remember those days??
Please pass along to Olivia that the girls LOVE their bracelets. Such a wonderful thing to do! You guys have a special family! We are glad to have you as neighbors and friends! ~ Jennifer Weeks

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi lisad,
In case you hadn't noticed, you have TONS of people who care about you, and love you!!!!
I keep forgetting to thank-you for the pizza that you sent home with me after the beading party. That BBQ chicken pizza is fantabulous!! Do you think you could set something up with all the girls who helped with the beading so that I can take them out to Chammp's for all the help they gave us? Thursday or Friday would be good.
Thanx tons!!
Ms B

11:14 PM  
Blogger COOLNESS said...

were was the nitting festival cause it looks really fun!!!!!!!!!!!

i want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

i hope i can see u soon in the future maybe i can even come with audrey to christmas at las vegas for ur family tradition!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sometime!
well talk to me soon BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:02 PM  

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