November 19, 2006


Just had to share. I got a call yesterday from the Sheepy yarn shoppe over in White Bear lake. The lady said that I had a door prize still waiting there
that I never came by to claim from the yarn store Treasure hunt last month.

WHAT? Did I ever receive a phone call? No, I didn't. I think that I would've remembered receivng a call saying that I've won 10 balls of yarn, 2 pairs of needles, a small stack of knitting patterns and a huge (absolutely adorable) water bottle with a knitting sheep on it. But the lady on the phone insisted that I had been notified and so all I can say to that is......."Thank You! Thank You! Thank you! and well, can I come and pick it up today?"

Byron was wonderful and drove my anxious self down there yesterday afternoon. I just couldn't wait to see all the fun stuff I won. It only took about 2 hours round trip. Not bad. ...and while there I also got to take a look at that Shakespeare sweater again all knitted up and on display. Ooh I just love it! I have to knit one up for me.

But for now I'll just focus on what I'm gonna do with this little
bundle of non-wool (non-claritan popping) goodness.

Can you even believe my yarn luck lately? (Knock on Wood)

Go here to read more about the Treasure Hunt road trip that Amy and I took. It was a hoot.

November 18, 2006

Dear Bezzie

Dear Bezzie,

I don't know you, but I want to thank you. You know Amy (Amy of
Knit Think and a host of the DOTD KAL) Well, she came by my house the other day to drop off a little bag of goodies that apparently I won in a DOTD drawing. She told me the story of how you were the original winner and how you graciously declined the winnings since you had recently won another yarn stash from another contest.

All I have to say is
"Big Mistake, girl. Huge!" This is some good yarn you turned down. Koigu to be exact. 2 skeins. Also, not to rub it in or anything.....but I have to add that tucked away in the goody bag was also a black sheep tape measure. SCORE! and some cute little authentic mexican puddings....that BTW, my kids have already devoured.

I am very impressed by the selflessness of your actions. I don't think I would have done the same thing in your position....and so, I thank you and I will think of your selfless deed everytime I wear the lovely socks this koigu will knit up. and I will try to be less greedy when it comes to yarn.
So thanks Bezzie. Just goes to show that knitters are good people.


November 16, 2006

If Life Were a John Hughes Film.......

I saw this little fun game on my friend Beth's blog. Too funny. I love John Hughes films, so of course I had to play along.

Basically this is the soundtrack to the movie about my life (plus commentary de moi). Enjoy!

Here's how it works:
1. open your library (iTunes, winamp, media player, iPod)
2. put it on shuffle
3. press play
4. for every question, type the song that's playing
5. new question-- press the next button
6. don't lie and try to pretend you're cool

The Soundtrack of My Life
......................(A John Hughes Film).......................

Opening credits:

"She's A rebel" by Green Day

Oh but of course!

Waking up scene:

"The Black Lake" off the Harry Potter movie soundtrack

Now is the time I should mention that I share an I-pod with my 10 year old son.
Which will explain why the Harry Potter soundtrack is on it.

First day at school Scene:
"Sleep All day" Jason Mraz

Slap my knees funny.

falling in loveScene:

"Angel of Harlem" by U2

Again, part of my sons music library.

Breaking up Scene:
"Hogwarts Hymn" off the Harry Potter Soundtrack

Oh dear lord..... are there any songs at all on this i-pod that I actually listen to? I do have to admit though, that this is a really pretty song, and one that might be comforting during a break-up.

Prom Scene:
"I'm Alive" by Celine Dion
Okay, this is a little more like it. Prom was a time to Part-ay!

Life's okay Scene:

"I'll never tell" off the Buffy the vampire slayer musical episode soundtrack
Why yes, I do have Buffy songs downloaded onto my I-pod.

Mental breakdown Scene:
"Cryin'" by Aerosmith
Tee-hee - It's hilarious what comes up. Very appropriate song I might add. Not one I'd personally choose, but remember it's a game!

Driving Scene:
"The Sun" by Maroon 5
I must be driving a volkswagon convertible with the top down on the sunny california coast in this scene.

Flashback Scene:
"Love is a Many Splendored Thing" sung by Barry Manilow
A true flashback yes. I love Barry Manilow.

Getting back together scene:
"My heart will go on" by Celine Dion


wedding Scene:
"Janie's Got a Gun" by Aerosmith
Must be a shotgone wedding.

birth of child scene:
"Save Me" by Queen
I don't think I have ever even heard this song, but I have to admit I was a bit scared upon the births of my 3 children..

final battle scene:
"Anakins Dream" off the Star Wars Episode 3 Soundtrack

death scene:

"Jesus of Suburbia" Green Day

I can't beleive I let my son listen to this. I just downloaded the lyrics to this song. It's no wonder I am dead in this scene. Apparently I did a lot of drugs.

funeral song:

"Only one Road" Celine Dion
A beautiful waltz. In reality, would never pick this for a funeral song, but who knows.....I'll think about it.

end credits:
"Another One Bites the dust" Queen

Okay, so I cheated on this last one......the song I actually got was "Your Eyes Open" by Keene but that's a stupid song to end my life movie with, so I pressed forward on my I-pod and got Another one Bites the dust....which is much funnier.

Feel free to join the fun yourself, I'd love to see what you have on your MP3 player....and e-mail me your results please.

November 11, 2006

Family Hostage Situation

I have been a lot nervous all day since I found out about this family hostage situation that took place two nights ago.

Normally, reading about things like this.....makes me shudder and then wonder a bit why the world has gone so terribly wrong, but this.....(as it turns out) happened right here in my very own neighborhood. Literally right around the corner from me down the street that connects to mine. This is scary 'cause this one hits way too close to home.

I have always felt very safe in this neighborhood. All of this has changed and now I find myself feeling a kind of worry, I've never known before. Since we've never felt the need to activate our security system in the last five years we've lived here, We scrambled last night to remember our security code and double check windows and doors.

Thankfully the family (parents, 2 boys,1 girl and their dog) wasn't physically harmed. Although, I can't even imagine their emotional state.

Say a prayer.

November 09, 2006


I had a dream last night. (sidenote: Yes, I realize that dreams are only interesting to the person who does the dreaming and not at all meant to be an entertaining story to anyone else..) but who cares. I had a dream and you are going to hear about it.

So shape up or ship out. (ooh I'm channeling my mother from my teenage years again)

Anyway my dream...

I was in a store. A store kind of like Home Depot or somthing like that. Which is strange, 'cause in reality, I've only been into the Home Depot like maybe 3 times in my entire life. But I digress..... In my dream, I was in home depot and I was anxious that I wouldn't get my sisters birthday present mailed out in time for her birthday. Because ya know in dreams, home depots also have a Post office....and in this one, apparently a ballet dance class being offered in a back room of the wherehouse.

Okay, so anyway......I'm frantic, trying to find the wrapping paper aisle so that I can wrap and send off my sisters knitted gift to her. Instead I come across the mylar balloon section, but not before I notice that plastic folding chairs are on sale for .89 cents a piece. What a deal! I'll just stack a few of those over here to the side so I can purchase those on the way out.

I pick out the biggest silver balloon I can see and literally run psychotically down a really long corrider that seems to be getting longer and longer and then this is the part in my dream where my legs start to fail me and are getting heavier and heavier and now I can no longer run,let alone walk. I find myself combat crawling down the hall and sobbing that I will not make it in time to send off her package, while noticing girls in pink tu-tu's rolling their eyes at me.

The next thing I know....I am at the counter with a roll of wrapping paper, my trashed box with knitted gift inside.....and a big (well gi-normous) balloon. The lady is yelling at me and saying that the balloon won't fit in the box and therefore cannot be mailed. I have a simple solution.....just tape the damn balloon onto the top of the box. No problem now. All is solved. Except....for the life of me, I can't remember my sisters address....(or my school locker combo for that matter.) (oh nevermind that's another re-curring dream I have) Anyway, what is my sisters address???? It just won't come to me. I'm scared now......I have to get this in the mail!!!!!! Help Help.....someone help.

This is where I wake up....and that funny dream eraser thing comes over my mind and takes it all away to probably never be remembered again....except for I come down the stairs, and upon looking at the calendar....I notice that today is Nov. 9th. My sister Andrea's birthday.....and my dream all comes flooding back to me.

Dear Andrea,

In reality, I didn't knit you a gift. Or haven't been to the post office in weeks. In reality, I would never forget your address. In reality, this blog posting is your birthday gift. In reality, I wish you the happiest birthday ever. And in reality, I miss and love you very very much. Happy Birthday sis. You are always on my mind.( And I have my dreams to prove it.)

Love, Lisa

Nysie is sooo gonna kill me for that picture.

My Sister Andrea Inez now.
Isn't she so pretty?

November 08, 2006

November is Here!

November is a month that I normally don't look forward to here in Minnesota. It usually marks the beginning of extreme cold. (I'm a cold temperature wimp) But today's the exception. It is 55 degrees out right now and it is looking to get up about another 10 degrees by this afternoon. I love it! Thank you Mother Nature!

I suppose this cabled hat and scarf set that I knit up for Livvie is gonna have to remain shelved for just a wee bit longer.

Like I'm soooo disappointed. NOT!

November 05, 2006

Day of the Dead

Dias de Los Muertos (also known as) Day of the Dead. Yes, it sounds very macabre, but really it is a positive and joyful celebration. A time to celebrate the lives of people whom we've loved and lost to death. A Mexican holiday tradition.

Okay, so I'm not Mexican, sue me.

But I am latina. More specifically, Bascillian. (Not even really sure I know how to spell that) but basically my ancestors on both sides are from the most northern basque regions of Spain.

Myself, having grown up in California and having parents and grandparents who were born and raised in New Mexico, I feel very connected with New Mexican culture. However, not so much with Mexico's. But this year I am celebrating Day of the Dead ......and yes, it will involve knitting!

Soooooo........I have knitted these in memory of my dead sister Julianne.

Legwarmers! Yes totally 80's, I know.

But ya see, my sister (Julianne Romero) was a dancer in the 80's. And not just for fun ya know. It was her passion and it was her career. She graduated high school early so that she could entertain on a cruise ship. By the time she was in her early 20's.....she had danced and sang pretty much the entire world over. Tragically, her career and life was cut short when it was discovered (at the age of 24 while she was in Mexico on vacation) that she had an in-operable brain tumor.

It was a very sad time.......and I've talked and blogged much about her....but in trying to come up with a knitting project to make in her honor, I came across a leg warmers pattern in the one skein book.

A perfect thing to knit for Day of the Dead in Julianne's honor because leg warmers remind me of her and of this poster she had in her bedroom while growing up.

Ever since I could remember, I looked up to my sis. Not only because she was 7 years older than me and therefore taller, but because she was a spirited, happy, independant person. Everything that I wanted to be.

She never seemed to be embarrassed by her "little sisters". Even when she was a teenager, she seemed proud to have me around. She was very thoughtful and generous. When I was little I would often find little presents hidden under my pillow from her. A pack of gum, or a book of stickers.....especially on the days that she would be leaving for her next cruise.

My sis. hmmmmmmm.......She taught me to love musical theatre. She taught me how to carry a tune,the importance of good dance posture, how to act and entertain on a stage. She inspired me to be a generous person, a good friend, and an excellent pen-pal.

I miss her a lot.

Today I will be celebrating Day of the Dead with many friends. Eating drinking,laughing and remembering. And will feel proud to put her knitted legwarmers on the Day of the Dead altar in her memory and then give them to my own daughter to wear to her own dance classes.

Here are some lyrics to an 80's song that was a favorite of Julianne's. Another thing that reminds me of her.

Happy Dia De Las Muertos.