November 19, 2006


Just had to share. I got a call yesterday from the Sheepy yarn shoppe over in White Bear lake. The lady said that I had a door prize still waiting there
that I never came by to claim from the yarn store Treasure hunt last month.

WHAT? Did I ever receive a phone call? No, I didn't. I think that I would've remembered receivng a call saying that I've won 10 balls of yarn, 2 pairs of needles, a small stack of knitting patterns and a huge (absolutely adorable) water bottle with a knitting sheep on it. But the lady on the phone insisted that I had been notified and so all I can say to that is......."Thank You! Thank You! Thank you! and well, can I come and pick it up today?"

Byron was wonderful and drove my anxious self down there yesterday afternoon. I just couldn't wait to see all the fun stuff I won. It only took about 2 hours round trip. Not bad. ...and while there I also got to take a look at that Shakespeare sweater again all knitted up and on display. Ooh I just love it! I have to knit one up for me.

But for now I'll just focus on what I'm gonna do with this little
bundle of non-wool (non-claritan popping) goodness.

Can you even believe my yarn luck lately? (Knock on Wood)

Go here to read more about the Treasure Hunt road trip that Amy and I took. It was a hoot.


Blogger Chris said...

Wow - congrats again!! You must be living right or something. ;)

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice picture of your yarn, but I think we need more Moose pictures:-)


1:11 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Hi Lisa,

Stumbled across your site but couldn't find an email for you so I will leave this note. My name is Dave Wolowic and you may remember me as a friend of Julianne's. This July there was a reunion of the Show Operations department of Great America. Drop me a note at and I will tell you a nice story that came of it.

1:02 PM  

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