May 08, 2006

Oh Joy!

Hello. This is Lisa, and yes this is still my knitting blog. But since so many other things are going on right now with me.......I think all knitting related material is on the back burner for now. So, if you're here to see the lastest thing I've knitted or felted or hear about the newest technique I've better mosey on along to another blog ....'cause all you are gonna get here is my ramblings on and on about my most recent diagnosis with cancer and how I'm dealing. This blog is a good conduit for me.

Today I woke up feeling better. I've found my joy again. Yesterday, as you can tell from my last entry, I was rather quite emotional. I suppose it couldn't have helped much either that my mom and I watched the Oprah Anniversary DVD collection. I mean, you can pretty much always count on Oprah to make you cry.......but goodness all the big "Oprah" moments all rolled up into one day. Let me just say.....we were sobbing. And my mom and I are the first to admit that we are not pretty criers. So, we're thinking that we should probably stay away from Oprah for awhile.

I found this beautiful flowering plant on my doorstep on Friday morning. Isn't it gorgeous? It is from our friends, The Johnsons who live directly across the street from me. Furthermore, Mindy Johnson happens to have the most envy-able tulips (and landscaping for that matter)in all of Settles Ridge(our neighborhood) growing in her front yard. And that is my view every day. How lucky am I? Thank you Brian, Mindy, Ben, Taylor and Nick. *hugs*

This Wine Gift Basket is from my boss *wink* over at WineStyles Boutique. This is a thank you from her for helping out a little bit in her store and for getting things organized on her website. She so could have so done it all without me and I didn't even do that much, but look at all this great stuff. A bottle of Cabernet Zinfandel, Cabernet chocolate blueberries, a wine journal, and a pretty hefty Spalon Montage Gift Certificate. She is certainly one classy lady, a good friend, and the best next door neighbor anyone could wish for.

And my Dad sent me these. Anybody who knows me well, knows that daisies are my favorite flowers. (With Tulips coming in a very close second.) Thanks Daddy.


Blogger Chris said...

I'm glad to hear you sounding cheerier! The abundance of love and appreciation pouring into your home is wonderful. :)

4:02 PM  

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