March 07, 2006

Save the Drama For Your Mama!

Blog Much? Talkin'to me? Nope. Not lately. When you're not knitting....there is not much to write about on the subject. However, I'll spare you the boring details as to why I am not knitting as obsessively as I was not too long ago, but rather will share with you my latest one act play.

Title: Original Idea's
by Lisa Dickinson
(A one act play between a mother and her son - based on true life events)

Cast of Characters
Eric - played by Eric Dickinson,a carefree and usually quiet-natured (almost ten year old) boy.
Mom - played by me. Enough said.

mudroom, kitchen and foyer ....Eric comes home from school on Tuesday and says....

Eric: "Hey mom, I've got a great idea.....there's no school on Thursday or Friday....I was thinking we could go to the Wisconsin Dells for a few days."

Me: "Ahh .... brilliant idea....but unfortunately, it's not in the plans for this week Eric."

Eric: "Why, mom?"... "Wouldn't that be like soooooo sooooo much fun?"

Me: "Oh yes, I agree--very fun, but not this week, hon."

Eric: "How 'bout next week?"

Me: "No."

Eric: "How about the week after?"

Me: "No."

Eric: What about the.....

Me: No.

Eric: (disrespectfully raising his voice) "Geesh, Mom! What's the use of having brilliant idea's if I can't even do them?"

Me: "Eric.... please go up to your room and calm down a bit."

Eric: (defiant) "NO!"

Me: " Um....Yes!"....(pointing up the stairs) "UP. NOW! MR.!!"

Eric: "FINE!...(as he stomps up the stairs you can hear him mumbling to himself) "No fair...Michael Rea gets to use all my cool ideas."

The End.

I wish to thank Eric's friend Michael Rea (Knit Think's son) for inspiring Eric's - um, not so original idea....and we'd like to add that we hope that he is having a lot of fun at the Dells this week.


Blogger Deb said...

The Wisconsin Dells SUCK! Tell Eric I said that...

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Amy said...

Poor Eric! What a face! And wait 'til he hears that Michael got called up on stage to be an assistant at the Rick Wilcox Magic Show...

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Bobby said...

Just wait till when they say "mom we're going to Cancun or Fort Lauderdale for spring break!"

7:31 PM  
Anonymous beth said...

I really like the pic included with the "play."

6:48 PM  

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