June 01, 2005

I made it Through The Rain

I found my mojo!!! It came in the mail AND, I am wearing it to the next Stitch 'n Bitch. Someone has selflessly sent me (all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada - you know who you are) her hat that says mojo on it. but now, sadly, she is without hers. Oh, the things we do for our kids, eh? Thanks mom,(oops did I say that out loud) Thanks, but I wish it could be that simple. Even though I hadn't felt at all like casting on and knitting something, (anything!) lately, (notice my use of past tense verbage, there?) I made myself read read read about knitting, in hopes of getting back that feeling again. With all my reading, I am now quite familiar with the SnB forums and I proudly proclaim to be an official blog stalker. Yes, so if you have a knitting blog, beware of me! I am gonna leave comments and don't say you weren't warned.

On Kelle's blog I took the (What kind of Yarn are you?) quiz and learned that I am mohair. Yes, you read that right...I am Mohair. A little LisaD. trivia here guys,.... I am allergic to mohair. This means what, exactly? I'm allergic to myself? Oh, it all makes perfect sense now. I am my own worst enemy.

Hey, and thanks for all the e-mails I've received back from you all saying...."Oh very funny blog entry Lisa." or "Tee-Hee, Ha-ha", or "Oh, you just crack me up, lise." I sincerely thank you, but I don't think you all realize just how serious my dilemma was here. I mean, I was in the depths of despair, on the verge of losing my creative mojo. Unable to even see the light. All hope was quickly fading away. It was like, like, well you know, feeling like you are a small bug in this big world about to be squashed under someone's chunky heel (of course all of this is happening in slow-mo) with literally no way of escaping the horror of becoming sidewalk paste. No, this is not me being dramatic, friends! My pain was real. Real. REAL, I tell you!!! (gasp, sigh) I mean I could've lost my clickety sticks diva chicks membership for good, here.

At any rate, I suppose it's that kind of feeling of being overcome with such sense of futility and defeat that only another Knitting Diva would fully comprehend. And so thank you Meleah, Kelle and Tipper for your nice words of encouragment and comforting comments and suggestions that you left, reassuring me that I was not going loopy (as I was convinced)......and a very special shout out to Amy for threatening (ever so nicely) to kick my butt in hopes of snapping me out of it. Only a really dear friend knows how to enforce a tough love intervention like that. I cherish you, dear friend/Diva chick. And to everyone else....well....Don't get so freaked out over posting a comment here once in a while, ok? Yeah, go ahead and make my day. I need the validation every once in awhile.

Okay, back to the rain. I found my way through it when I came across my Teddy bear knitting book (the one that got me hooked on knitting in the first place) and I am now inspired to make my dad a "Grandpa Bear" for Father's Day. (If you're reading this, Dad... act surprised when you get it in the mail,ok?) For me, all it took was one look at that bear book and I want to knit again. I need to knit again. I found my spark. Oh Joy! I can't stop smiling. I'm off to the store to buy some yarn...right now. Goodbye. iAdios! See ya later..alligator...I just need my keys and some money....and Uh-OH, Hmmm,I seem to be out of money.....can anyone spot me a fiver? Yeah, right.... Five bucks? Ha...LOL..not nearly enough for the kind of yarn I want...... BTW, have I failed to mention that I am also a yarn snob? But that dramatic soliloquy will be saved for another rainy day. Right now, I need a job! WILL WORK FOR YARN!


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