May 08, 2005

Llama Mama!

I went to the sheep and wool festival today in Lake Elmo with my DH and 3 kids. My mother's Day gift from them. No, really! All I asked for was for us all to take the 45 minute drive in to Lake Elmo and have a look around. I was curious to see how wool was cut off the animal and spun. I guess I was thinking it was going to be much grander than it was. In reality, it was much smaller scale than I'd imagined. I did have a good time though, that is until we got to the vendors and I started shopping....and then of course, that was when the kids started complaining about how hungry they were, or that they had to go potty, or I'm so bored, or my pinky toe on my right foot hurts. You know how it goes. So,needless to say, I didn't get much shopping done, but I did happen to buy a beautiful and expensive skein of merino and four sets of dpn's. I even found a size 0 that I had been trying to locate for some time now. The color of the merino I bought is called Piggy. Isn't that a cute name? I think I am going to felt my little Olivia a purse out of it.

OH and I almost forgot to mention that we nearly came home with a $50.00 Alpaca.(not a bad price for a llama, I thought.) Especially one that I could sheer yearly and make matching sweaters for the whole family out of for our christmas photo. Finally! a practical pet that the kids and I can agree on. But then I realized that our homeowners association may not be too happy with one of the resident's housing a llama on the property. "No, really, guys, it's a fancy breed of dog." A Happy Mothers day to all you llama mama's out there.


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