May 27, 2005

Tryin' To Get the Feeling Again......

Aargh! I just realized (get this) that I am NOT a knitting diva. Boo (sniffle) hoo! I can tell you this with 95% accuracy because, in the last two weeks,(and because I am still 5% in denial) that I have only knitted one pair of socks. And to add to the shame of my knitting unproductiveness...those socks turned out to be too small for my daughters feet......

and so. my ego. deflates. Ouch.

I should've taken my MIL's own advice to perhaps hold off and not work this expensive stuff (the beautiful, aqua surf, reggia,striping yarn - hmmm yum) until becoming a better sock knitter. She was right again. Double Ouch.

I am. sufficiently. humbled.
BUT wait, here's the part where I try to justify my non-diva-ness.

My excuse:

I have been home in bed sick with the flu and a severe sinus infection...And when I say sick, I mean really ill. Dragging my ass outta bed only to shuffle to the bathroom or to ring the brass bell on my side table to alert my DH (darling husband) to bring nourishment, like pronto. (okay, so I made up that last part .......As if?)

Still, getting sick is not a problem for a TRUE knitting Diva. Which, I have claimed to be on several occasions. (now kinda embarrassed about that) Last year I spent $14.00 of yarn money to have "Clickety Sticks Diva Chicks" professionally decaled on my pajama top for daily affirmation. (yes the same shirt that I haven't changed out of in like um...7 days now. Ew..Ick.) Okay, so I am no longer a Diva. But, I refuse to give up my shirt! I prefer to remain 2% in denial (eek! The denial percentage is lowering) Somewhere in me there has to be true Knitting Diva potential, right?

Anyway, given the fact that I had an amazing amount of down-time at home in bed (every knitting mother of 3 kids's dream -minus the flu part) I was shocked to find that I didn't even have the energy to hold a pair of needles long enough to finish a single round. Or rather, I would've been shocked if I had had enough energy to be. C'mon people, catch up here....I was really really really sick.

But seriously now, a true knitting diva... (despite any problem and/or life threatening situation) would have been able to summon up enough inner strength to in the very least make a pillow out of all that beautiful merino wool that is hidden in the back of my (oops! I mean HER closet) that her DH doesn't even know exists, to prop up her ailing head. Not to mention that a knitting diva wouldn't be caught dead without her needles close by. No. NOT ME! Uh-uh. Actually,instead of me holding my needles, they were there to hold me UP. Yes, in the form of a bun on my head to keep my hair from falling in my face dangerously close to all the oozing snot. Who knew that dpn's could also double for hair pins? Oh, and BTW, thanks for coming to my pity party.

Daybreak! I am now on the right path to feeling much better. My energy level is up again :-) Yay! I can get back to knitting and felting and fondling skeins of yarn, reading about yarn, shopping on-line for yarn, etc, etc. Only one problem. And it's a doozy...I don't wanna. :-( No really,I just don't feel like knitting. No joke. No desire. None. Nada. Huh? Come again?... Sad to say it, but it's true. I've lost my mojo!! I don't even know what mojo is...but it sounds cool, and I am pretty sure that is what I have lost. Something is wrong with me. (sigh) Is this common among knitters? Am I the only one to suffer from it? Is there like an official term for it? ie; "Knitting burn-out syndrome" or something? because I have never heard of an obsessed knitter not wanting or in the very least feeling that driving inner need to constantly knit something. OR, even worse....maybe the spark has just worn off. Could it be that simple?

Not good. I need to get that feeling back again. Can anyone offer help, before I completely lose my internal battle and throw out my p.j.'s.


Blogger Corgimom said...

OOH no Lisa! Missing your mojo sounds like serious trouble. I think you must of gotten really really sick- and your knitting fever just crept away. I hope it comes back 'cause I wanna knit with you again! I finished my blue cardigan sweater- and it did not fit nicely. After the depression I was able to get my wits and brains about me and devise a revival plan. Now it's coming along better than ever. You can do it too! I know you can!

11:14 PM  
Blogger Kelle said...

I use needles all the time for hair pins. Sometimes if I'm cabling, I stick a spare needle in my hair when I don't need it, then discover it still there when I'm grocery shopping or when I lay down for bed. Look you've been sick and your ego has taken a hit. It's not at all unusual that you don't feel like knitting. It could be the warmer weather too. Sometimes the idea of handling wool in the summer is just appalling. Think about doing something light and summery maybe something like a cotton tank.

3:07 PM  
Blogger Tipper said...

My knitting mojo wanes occasionally. It's usually just because I'm tired in general or tired of a project or not being challenged or inspired project-wise (the latter situation is the most frequent). I've found that switching to spinning for a little while (before I had a wheel, I used a drop spindle) does wonders, as well as a visit to a yarn shop or a good, long browse in the knitting book section of a book store.

5:18 PM  

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