October 16, 2005

Playing Hookey

Does anyone remember when playing hookey from school was a fun thing? You feigned sickness just to lay on Grandma's couch watching t.v. all day and got pampered and got served hot soup and crackers. and cocoa. Oh how I remember the cocoa. (good times...good times)

Anyway, I recall specifically playing hookey from school for two days back in 1971 (oops, that would be '81) to watch Luke and Laura get married on General Hospital. I was only 11 years old and I was addicted to my grandma's "stories" as she called them. That will be 24 years ago this November 16 and 17th. Okay, so I needed the use of the internet to figure out those exact dates, but still I remember those two days with great fondness. Happy Early Anniversary Luke and Laura!

CHECK OUT THAT 80's veil.

Being ill these days is absolutely no fun at all. For one, if you call in sick it usually means that you really are sick. Either that or your (ahem) six year old daughter is. So here I am calling in sick to my Anything Goes (knitting class) at Coldwater collaborative (taught by the amazing Deb) for two Mondays in a row now.

I am quite literally sick and tired of missing class.

The first Monday, my DD Olivia had a fever that quickly got passed around to..... um........ME!


The second Monday, my parents arrived mid-sneeze to visit from Las Vegas. (That actually, is the fun part of this anecdote.) It has been great having them here, despite feeling so ill. I really wanted to take my mom to SnB with me last Wednesday, but It was definitely not a healthy day for me. My fellow stitch 'n bitcher's will appreciate my thoughfulness in not making an appearance, as badly as I wanted to. I did, however, manage to take mamasita over to Dunn brothers and to about a half a dozen other twin city coffee shops to sip and knit. She loved it. While here in the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis, she has accomplished knitting a button hole bag, a booga bag and a sophie bag. Can you believe it? 3 bags in one week? For a beginner, she is so quick to catch on.

I am now healthy again and feeling great..... and tomorrow is Monday again. Yay! Class at 9 am????????
Nope. Mom and Dad need a ride to the airport at 9:30. (sigh)

So, on one hand, it will be a sad day. :-( It's always sad for me when family leaves, as we don't have any family here in Minnesota. But, in the other hand I will be holding my new and first ever pair of addi turbo circular needles. So,it may not be quite the manic monday expected after-all.
(as she squeals with delight)


Anonymous Amy said...

So that's where you were...we missed you at 318...

8:17 AM  
Anonymous The Caped Crusader said...

1971, Ah how I remember the year. Nixon was in the white house and Vietnam was still going on. The Last trip to the moon was also made that year. I was 4 yoa and Kaptain Kangraroo was still among my favorites along with Sesame Street. I don't believe Luke and Laura were married in '71 but in '81. Any way I hope you are feeling better. I am sorry that you were sick for your mom and your dad's visit. I know how excited you were for their visit. Have fun with your TURBO whatchamacallit. Don't get a ticket for speeding with it! LOL

10:13 PM  
Anonymous beth said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend:) There is nothing worse than being sick AND a mom....you canNOT call in sick being a mom, so unfair. I hope your parents had a good time and that they can come back soon!

3:33 PM  

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