July 27, 2005

It's A Miracle

It's a miracle! Yes it is! I finished my ribbon tank! and with two days left to spare. I am planning on wearing it to my Grandma and Grandpa's 65th wedding anniversary this weekend in California.

It is pretty....but I can't take all the credit. Well I could ... But I won't.

There is thee most wonderful lady that works at Knit Wits in Chanhassen. She is not only a crocheting genius but also very very nice and generous. My new friend. Let me introduce you to Jodi.

Anyway.....I went in there yesterday to see if someone could show me how to crochet a border on my ribbon tank. I was not happy with my tank and really didn't think that anything could be done to it to make me want to wear it this weekend. But alas I ventured into the store with (in the very least) the intention of buying some Katia sock yarn.

Okay, so I go in....and Voila! My lucky day. Jodi happens to be the crocheting expert and happens to be working. I introduce myself and show her my dilemma. She, not only teaches me how to crochet (which BTW, I am still practicing) but upon realizing that I am on a time constraint, she offers to let me leave my tank and ribbon with her (to finish for me) while I go pick up my kids. Can you believe that? What an Angel! Knit Wits is not only the closest knitting store to me....but also has such awesome customer service.

Then I came back later (with all three kids in tow) and, Holy Buckets of Yarn....there is my ribbon tank hanging on a hanger on the wall right behind the cash register for like the whole world to see. There was even a spotlight shining down on it. (Okay, not really, but that's the way I choose to recall it) What a sight to behold! I hardly could believe that I, myself, had knitted 90% of that beautiful creation. It actually looked pretty. So...thank you Jodi! I absolutely can't thank you enough. *air kisses everywhere*

Fast forward to this morning.

I am at the mall to buy some girlie "unmentionables" and without any intention of stopping to look at or to purchase anything else. I walk directly into a clothing rack and accidently knock off a burgundy colored skirt. (yep, call me grace) I pick it up to put it back on the rack only to realize that it would match my tank perfectly. The skirt has a silky sheen to it just like the ribbon in my multi colored tank. It is meant to be. Not only is it in my size but also on sale. Marked down 40%. No way! Yes, way! This is even more perfect than the black skirt I was planning to wear with the tank. Of course, I now have a bruise on my right shoulder from running into the metal clothes rack. But really now, who's gonna be looking at that shiner when they won't be able to take their eyes off my lovely tank. Ee-Gatz!

Things are definitely going my way. (knock on wood) Gotta go....got a plane to catch.


Blogger - LisaD. said...

I am commenting to myself so that when I check my blog it looks like someone actually cared to comment.....even if it is only me. Ha!

1:41 PM  
Anonymous beth said...

I care! Really I do:) I hope you have fun in California, eat some good tortilla's for me.

11:18 AM  

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