June 12, 2005

Big Fun

You guys.....I am having so much fun. No really, I am. I have been a little slice of sunshine to be around these past few days. My sister and neice came to visit, and I hadn't seen them in like two years. Woo-wee. Nothing like sister bonding time. Besides the time when Amy and I went joy-riding down 101 last week, my feeling young and carefree like a teenage girl times, are few and far in between. Tonight, Drea,which is short for Andrea (my sis) and I are gonna L'oreal color out our gray and braid each others manes. Oh, how I love my sis. We can talk about anything. And she soooooo gets me. Audrey, (my niece and also my god-daughter) has grown so tall. She is 10 yrs. old. How did that happen? It has only been three years since I moved here from California and now it seems like I have missed out on so much. I am in the process of knitting her up the "knit for the cure bag" and will be done and hopefully will be able to felt it tomorrow. She has already asked me twice to teach her how to knit.....so as soon as we can catch a little break in our busy go-go-go schedule, I will sit down and dole out some lessons.

Today, we took a picnic lunch and hike in the nature preserve. It was so funny to see them freak out over the swarming mosquitos. Seriously, it brought back memories of when I first moved here to Eden Prairie. I hadn't ever even seen a single mosquito either before. I guess near the ocean, they just don't breed like here. Anyway, we sprayed on plenty of deep woods "off" and braved it like natives.

My neice, Audrey, has type 1 diabetes, so it has also been a huge learning experience watching her check her blood several times a day and giving herself insulin injections. My sister is amazing to be able to deal with this daily so optimistically . Anyway, the kids love having Auntie Drea and their cousin around......and I already know I will be crying a river inside when they leave in 6 days. But for now, I am going to concentrate on having some "Big Fun." and yes, that is also another Manilow song title. I can't help it!... but at least my little sis understands my obsession.


Anonymous beth said...

Wow, you really got your mojo back:) Great job on the bears & the bags! Have fun with the visiting fam this week!

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Amy said...

Hopefully the rain won't dampen your fun--maybe today is knitting lesson day?

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Blog:-) B.A.D.

12:03 PM  

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