October 02, 2005

Lazy blogger!

Yes, I am a lazy blogger. I haven't posted in hmmmm, well, in a long time. The good news is that I have been knitting. A Lot! I am working on this mega turtle-neck Giraffe sweater. It looks like this.......
I am, however, knitting it in a greyish blue color. The yarn is called cashsoft Aran by classic yarns.... and it it sooooo devine to work with, even though I am allergic. I shall overcome! It is 57% extra fine merino, 33% microfibre, and 10% cashmere. It's the cashmere that is killing me. This pattern takes 14 skeins. Eeks! I am almost done with the front Yay!

Also, I am taking a really great class over at coldwater collaborative on Mondays. It is called the Anything Goes class. I am learning to short-row knit trying to use up my three skeins of Noro silk to make a pretty cool looking scarf.I have my next class tomorrow, and feel a bit guilty that I haven't worked on it since the last class. But to figure out this pattern, it really does need my full undivided attention, and it has been a crazy week, so I will pick it up again at tomorrow's class. I was going to use the Noro for the clapotis, but decided on a different and softer yarn for that.

I missed SnB last week. I feel disconnected from my fellow stitch n bitcher friends lately. (*pout-sniffle*) My loss. With all three kids in school now, how is it that I still can't find time to do everything that I want to accomplish? I do plan on going to the next stitch and bitch though, AND I plan on bringing a guest. MY MOM! I am so thrilled that she and my dad will be visiting us for a whole entire week. They live near Las Vegas and haven't seen the kids in about a year. My mom has taken up knitting and is in the process of felting bags for gifts, and so I will be helping her with that.

I have joined a health club and have made it my mission to get healthy. Ick. Not nearly as much fun as knitting, but I think it's about time I start thinking about a healthier me. Anyway, while at the gym, it is not rare to find me knitting in the cafe, sipping a protein smoothie while trying to cool down post work-out, or just waiting for my husband and kids to get done with their activities on the weekends. While there, I find how amazing it is at how many people stop and ask me what I am working on. I was just there on Friday and met a very nice lady named Mary (a fellow knitter/felter) and invited her over to SnB. I hope that she decides to come, as she seemed like a really lovely person.

So, I've done my duty now, and I have blogged. Not so bad. I suppose I could do this more often. I am off now to accomplish everything else on my "things to do" list and cross my fingers that it won't be another long stretch till blogspot and I connect again.


Anonymous beth said...

Wow, you go girl! That sweater will look great when you're finished. Look forward to seeing you and your mom in a week:)

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We missed you at class on Monday. See you next week.


2:10 PM  

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