August 08, 2005


Okay, so my spending money (for yarns and other natural fibers and hobby related stuff) is in arrest for the time being.

Cue panic mode now. AAARGH!!!

Here's how it all went down a couple of days ago....when my Darling Husband (also known as D.H.) came out of the office, and in passing, on the way to dinner says to me (very sweetly)

DH: "Uh, dear? You may want to start thinking about either getting a job or stop spending money...."

me: (ears perk up, while trying to toss a salad for dinner- but nervously avoiding eye contact and looking desperately for subject change) "Hmmmm? what,dear?"

DH: "Ya know, a job?"

me:(someone get me outta here...and where's a screaming kid when you need one?) "Hmm? what, dear?"

DH: "A job. (lots of unnecessary sarcasm here) It's a place you go off to for a few hours, do a little work, make some money so that you can buy things with. Things like yarn, needles, yarn, clothes, handbags. and uh...hmmm..I dunno...... more yarn?"

me: "Oh yes, a job. I see....and what, exactly, is your point, dear?"

DH: "I think I just stated several points. Get a job....or stop spending. Pretty clear and simple, don't ya think?"

Me: "Hmmm...yeah....there's just one teeny tiny part I don't really understand."

DH: "Which part might that be?"

Me: "Um..............the not spending part. And as far as that job thingie goes...... Isn't that why you that I can buy stuff? Okay, okay, I admit, I have been a little "buy happy" lately with all the shopping and buying of yarn and clothes and fun stuff just for me.....but c'mon....I haven't spent all that much....Have I?"

DH: "Well, if you've been on-line lately and checked your personal credit card account, then you'd probably know that you've spent $1,100.00 in just the last three weeks alone on fun Lisa-type stuff."

Me: "Eleven hundred dollars! NO WAY!!!!!"

DH: "Yes.Way."


DH: "Wish I could...but I can't afford to, now!"

(roll my eyes ....very funny...ha...ha)

Me: (while donning my best June Cleaver voice, I finally change the subject) "Okay Dear...and how was your day? Could you please pass the oil and vinegar? Dear? The oil and vinegar please? Hello? Are you there? Pay attention, Dear."

DH: "Nope, can't afford to pay that either."

Me: (mumble something like. "Oh, crap.")

So, I've been caught and I am pretty much screwed now. I do feel bad about it, but in my defense, I've discovered Noro. Who wouldn't go a little bit crazy over Noro wool and Nora silk. It stripes so gorgeously. I realize that nobody really needs 3 sophie bags, 2 booga bags and one extra large felted tote....but really now.

I don't know that I am all that ready for a job, I guess I had better stop spending for awhile. Aint't that a shame? I am blessed with a happy and healthy family and a very very understanding husband who I love very much. So, yes, I do realize that things can always be worse than not being able to buy yarn. But back to my Darling husband..... Have I mentioned how wonderful he is and that he truly deserves the father and husband of the year award. He is my best friend and soul mate...and NO! I am not just saying all this in hopes of him reading my blog and seeing all the nice things I've said about him and deciding to advance me next months' yarn allowance. But a girl can still dream, right? *winks*


Anonymous Amy said...

This is where having a private checking account comes in real handy...

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its sounds like your are very lucky to have met such an understanding guy;-)

4:36 PM  
Blogger Kelle said...

I feel for you hon, it's pretty easy to get carried away with the yarn. Look on this as a chance to reduce your stash.

11:14 AM  

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