August 24, 2005


Well, I went to stitch n bitch tonight. Lisa was working on her felted (basket pattern) purse for her friend/neighbor. It is actually coming along very nicely. I usually find it difficult to get much knitted at Snb with all the talking us gals do. But surprisingly I did get a lot done tonight. Most likely because of the fact that there was nobody there to talk to. Yup....I got stood up! Stood up no less, by the other ladies of the night. Those *Slucks!

Anyway, the cute blond hair and peircing blue eyed young man that works there at Dunn Bros. by the mall, was my eye candy for the evening, while I sat lonesomely knitting away in silence. He, on the other hand is probably thinking. "That green-tea drinking loser got stood up by the knitting ladies! How Pathetic!"


*sluck - an endearing title for someone who flaunts their sexy hand-knitted socks in public (aka - a sock slut)


Blogger Kelle said...

Believe me dear, I would have much rather have been knitting and bitching with you than slogging through all the ugly, ugly clothes vainly looking for something that my teenage daughter would wear. I don't understand how we can preach to these kids about abstinence and then the only fashions that are available to these girls is well, lingerie. So what? the girls are suppose to go to school dressed like hookers? Even more annoying is that the younger kids look to the older kids for their taste in clothes and yep, there's the seven year dressed like a harlot. Is there any wonder that we as a culture have such problems as child pornography. I'm very disturbed. I'm sorry, Lisa for the rant.
Anyway, I'm glad that the bag is coming along. I'll try to make it to the next meeting.

9:31 PM  
Blogger Kelle said...

Happpy Birthday, I just found out that it's your birthday from Amy's blog, now I'm really, really sorry for going off on your comments.

10:04 PM  
Blogger - LisaD. said...

So glad that there is no stitch 'n bitch scheduled for today. You would definitely not approve of my present apparel. ;-) tee-hee, but thanks for the birthday wish.

10:07 AM  
Blogger Corgimom said...

WoW! Your bag looks awesome! I missed SnB pm 'cause I was at some friends' house for a P & W (praise and worship) time. I will be there Wed. morning, first thing though! I am coming along with DH on his way to work.

10:50 AM  

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