October 18, 2006

Shakespeare in Love

Here's the pattern.....

It's called Shakespeare........and I fell so in love with knitting up this little goody that I will make myself one too.

Anyhow, this sweater is for my best friend Laura. No, I didn't keep it. Although beleive me, I was desperately tempted to. I also didn't knit it in the yarn shown on the pattern either. Instead, I chose Lana Grossa Royal Tweed in a brown. I was looking for a very fall autumn-y feel that matched the socks I just also finished knitting for her. I had a rocky start. Just a tiny mistake, really. Somehow, I forgot how to yarn-over. Uh-oh! (okay, big mistake as brioche is made up of lots of yarn-overs. But, once Kelle (the knitting wizardress) helped get me on the right track....I was up and running. Thank God for Kelle. What a gem.

Notice the chewed up corner on the top left corner of the pattern? FYI, this projectalmost didn't get completed....but thankfully I caught Moose (in the act) before he could do any real damage.

"Who Me? Us dogs always get blamed for everything, when all we wanna do is sleep in strange places."

Here is the sweater (in pieces) with me halfway through the front....

And Voila.....here it is two days later completed.

(Yes, I Rock)

And....they compliment the socks too, just as planned!

Monday afternoon I felt giddy while wrapping it all up very Pretty like......
and extremely releived to give my hands a break from knitting.

And Tuesday morning I went to the Post Office and sent it express mail overnight so that it could get there (Illinois) by today October the 18th.

Guess What? Yes, she received it today.... and loved it!!!!

It's always nice when someone appreciates all the hard work and love that is put into making their gift. In fact, when I was on the phone with her this evening. She said that she was wearing it and that it fit perfectly!

Eeks! I am beside myself with joy!

Coincidentally (and not at all related) today at SnB there was a discussion on gift giving. We all have slightly different views on it, but in my opinion.....I beleive that people give gifts (even when specifically asked not to) simply because it makes them feel so good in doing so.

I am reveling in my joy of successful gift giving.....and birthday remembering.

October 16, 2006

I DID IT !!!

Only my Stitch and Bitch Friends will understand when I say this! But I did it! Few thought it was possible....or should I say.... few said it was very ambitious of me to take on this project. But this only drove me to work harder. (I am a rebel by nature - I think they were using reverse psychology on me) Anyway, it took me exactly five days from start to finish. I had a couple of very long nights knitting brioche and frogging brioche and re-knitting brioche and re-frogging brioche ....and yet again re-knitting brioche. And when that was said and done, then I ended up having to drive out to St. Paul and purchase more of this glorious tweed because I was two skeins short. But BY GOSH DARN GOLLY.... It's done! And it's beautiful and I can't wait to post pictures, but I can't just yet.

Happy Birthday Laura on OCTOBER 18th!

October 10, 2006

The Birds and the Bees

A little boy goes to his father and asks "Daddy, how was I born?"

The father answers:

"Well son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway!
Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo. Then I set up a date
via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded
room, where your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I
was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall,
and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a little
Pop-Up appeared that said:

You got Male!"

(My Aunt Tiny e-mailed me this one.....I just couldn't resist.)

October 07, 2006

Yarn Store Treasure Hunt

This is my pathetic attempt to blog about the Yarn Store Treasure Hunt that took place here in the twin cities last month. I wanted to blog about it then, but woop-dee-doo...other things in life happened and I've finally just gotten around to it.

Aahhh.....I remember the day well. Saturday, October 7th, 2006. It was more fun than two gals are allowed to have on a one day road trip in the twin cities visiting 6 yarn stores, one coffee shop, a gas station, lunch at Frosts and a side trip into a cute little stationary store. Good times... Good times....
Amy drove....because well, I don't really like to. and also because I can't read a map as well as she can when lost and also because it is fun to joy-ride in her green vw bug....and also because well damn-it she's the one writing a guide book on traveling in Minnesota. She knows her way around these parts much better than I.

We feasted on lunch at W.A. Frost in St. Paul. It was delicious.

and this is what our desserts looked like. Isn't this just beautiful, people?

I could've sworn that I took more pictures that day. But I can't seem to locate them on my computer. But yes, besides all of the eating, and getting lost and getting a parking ticket and drinking mochas with "fun" on top. (that's whipped cream folks) we did manage to get around to all of the yarn shops and receive a charm at each one for participating in the treasure hunt. Whew!

When all was said and done......I came home exhausted and with all of this to show for our Girls Day Out....Road Trip.

October 05, 2006

Dog-gone Goofy!

FYI, If I am ever invited into your home, and I immediately kick off my shoes, start eating the food you have out, and dig through your cupboards for coffee cups and sugar, please don't be too alarmed. It only means that I feel completely comfortable and welcome in your home. And hey, If you have Dancing with the stars on the boob tube, well all the better. Here I am at Kelle's house doing just this.

I guess it's obvious that I enjoy my Knit Nights out. Although, I think Kelle's daughters may think I am a little bit goofy. Perhaps not at all how a guest in your home should act.

It's October already and the kids have been back in school for a month. Which means, I have been knitting much more than usual. I have two works in progress right now. Log cabin baby blanket..... and finishing up on best friends b-day present. Yes, that is TWO projects at once. ( I think that is called multi-taskin' y'all.) Now, I'm not gonna mention what Laura's b-day present is, but let's just say, that sending her flowers again this year for her birthday, and keeping this little knitted goody for myself instead, well that has been seriously contemplated. (no no Lisa! Get that evil thought out of your head) I can't screw up her birthday yet again. I am determined to get her birthday right this year! I do really hope she enjoys this though as much as I am enjoying knitting it, because working up this Merino from ArtYarns is (as Stitch and Bitch friend Beth so perfectly put it) it's like knitting with chocolate. A definite treat.

Hey, have you noticed that I haven't blogged in a very long time? I have only one thing to say about that.


Obviously, being the verbose person that I am, why limit the subject to only one word?

Moose. He has regressed. I thought he was potty trained (for the most part), but yesterday he peed indoors. 3 times. I really should be grateful that it was on the hardwood floors each time, but c'mon... Geesh! It's been a month since we've had him and I take him outside like every 30 minutes!

There is just no need for the pee.

and so, Byron and I sat him down last night and had a nice little chat with him, and I'm thinking that we may have gotten through, 'cause today..... Not a single accident so far.

"I'm sorry mom and dad, I'll try harder not to pee inside anymore."

Moose has also officially found his voice.....and (like me) is not afraid to use it. Man, he can really bark up a storm when so inclined. So yep, we'll be sitting him down again tonight for yet another lecture.

And so, I continue to use Moose as my constant excuse for not getting things done. Like blogging, and housework, and paying bills and the like. *wink*

Now, to address the rumors circulating about my transition from "normal person" into "Goofy pet owner." Yes, it's true. I've crossed the threshold. Which means,

1. There is little else that I talk about.

2. I'm quick to offer unsolicited advice on the right and wrong way to train your pup. Mine is the right way! (Regardless of the pee-fest in my house yesterday)

3. I use that downright goofy, high pitched baby talk to him and assume that he understands every single word I am saying.


4. I Come up with cute nicknames that in reality aren't so cute. Like...."my little Moose-o-llini, or "There goes The Moose-inator" or "How's my little chocolate moose doin' today?

Yes, I have become that neighbor lady that I use to quietly make fun of in my old neighborhood back in California. I just can't help it. Moose is just a sweetie-pie. I am now part of the club....and if you are not part of the "goofy pet owner club", well then you just don't get it.